21 January 2014

Predatory Spam from Fake Conferences

They promise publication in ISI Thomsona [sic]. They are sending also Aplogize [sic].
They also IRED stands for Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors [sic - You can be Research Engineer and you can have Ph.D., so why are the Doctors mentioned separately?]. This is their predatory spam. Enjoy youself: 

Aplogize for Multiple Copies of this email!
Dear Professor/Researcher,
Joint International Conference will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in Information Technology, Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Human Science, Economics and Social Study. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform to the researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field.

Conférence internationale conjointe fournira une excellente tribune internationale pour le partage des connaissances et des résultats en technologie de l'information, Informatique, Electronique, électrique, mécanique, civil, génie des structures et de l'environnement, des sciences humaines, de l'économie et de l'étude sociale. Le but de la conférence est de fournir une plate-forme pour les chercheurs et les praticiens du milieu universitaire ainsi que l'industrie de se rencontrer et de partager le développement de pointe dans le domaine.

Upcoming Conferences in Europe

Italy Conferences: 

--International Conference on Advances in Bio-Informatics and Environmental Engineering - ICABEE 
Website: http://icabee.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Constructural Engineering - CSCE
Website: http://csce.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Information Processing and Communication Technology - IPCT
Website: http://ipct.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Mechanical and Automation Engineering - MAE
Website: http://mae.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Management, Economics and Social Science- MES
Website: http://mes.theired.org

Early Bird Round Important Dates: 
14 March, 2014 --  Abstract/ Full paper Submission
27 March, 2014 --  Paper Notification
15 April, 2014-- Camera Ready Copy/ Paper Registration

Conference Date(s) : 07-08 June, 2014

Official Italy Website Calender website: http://italy.theired.org

Uk Conferences:

--International Conference on Advances in Bio-Informatics, Bio-Technology and Environmental Engineering - ABBE Website: http://abbe.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Information Technology - CCIT Website: http://ccit.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering - CSM 
Website:  http://csm.theired.org
--International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Economics and Management Study - SEM
Website: http://sem.theired.org

Early Bird Round Important Dates:
05 February, 2014 -- Abstract/ Full paper Submission
17 February, 2014 -- Paper Notification
12 March, 2014 -- Camera Ready Copy/ Paper Registration

Conference Date(s) : 01-02 June, 2014

Official UK Website Calender Website: http://uk.theired.org

Benefits of Publication:
-- Articles will be included in the conference proceedigns which will be published online with ISBN number and will be archived in SEEK Digital Library so that it will be universally accessed. SEEK Digital Library is being accessed by thousands of students, Researchers and Scientists over the globe. SEEK Digital Library is an open access library. You may visit the library at www.seekdl.org
-- Articles will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from CROSSREF.
-- Proceedings will be submitted to ISI Thomsona and Ei-Compendex for review and indexing.
-- You will get the chance to attend the conferecne and to meet the reseacrhers from the globe.
-- Articles will also be published in International Journals with ISSN Numbers.

Please take the time to explore the website for more details, check on important dates, and keep yourself up to date on recent changes.
Prospective authors are invited to submit full (original) research papers; which are NOT submitted or published or under consideration anywhere in other conferences or journals; in electronic (PDF only) format via email.
We Request you to forward this email to your colleagues/Researchers/students in order to promote the conference.

Othr Conference can be found at http://theired.org/conference_event.html

About IRED:
IRED stands for Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors. IRED headquarter is situated in USA and Cyprus with Registration Number 5372545. IRED organize world class international conferences around the globe in order to provide the platform for sharing the new ideas on upcoming multidisciplinary research areas and to promote the research among the students, researchers, professors and scientists over the globe. IRED and its associated networks websites are being accessed by more than 1 million visitors yearly. IRED is promoting research with more than 75000 student members, more than 55000 associated members and more than 5000 senior and fellow members. IRED Editorial Board consists of more than 5000 Eminent Professors, Scientists and industry professionals in order to published only high quality articles. Each article is being peer reviewed two times before publication in any Conference/Journal. IRED Conference Proceedings is being archived in SEEK Digital Library, where you will be able to see the statistics of any article (abstract views, paper downloaded etc). Each paper published in IRED Conference Proceedings is being provided Digital Object Identifies (DOI) from CROSSREF. The Proceedings is being indexed by Google Scholar and also gets submit to major Indexing service providers like ISI Thomson for further review and indexing.

Thanks Much


  1. Assoc Prof Chen Chun-Hsien posted a comment in our blog:
    I also agree that Jeffrey Beall is a crook. He asked from Cambridge Scholar Publisher the amount of 10000 dollars. Cambridge Scholar Publisher paid to Jeffrey Beall 10000 dollars and the saved their name from Beall's list.

    My name is Chun-Hsien Chen, I am Assoc.Professor in the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. IAENG fake conferences' organizers have just added my name in their committee of the apparently fake "IAENG 2013 ICAIA Conference" ...without my knowledge. I conclude that IAENG conferences are quite junk, fake, bogus and ... trush. I strongly recommend my students as well as any scholar not to publish with IAENG.

    Assoc.Prof.Chun-Hsien Chen
    Email: MCHCHEN@ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: (+65)6790 4888
    Office: N3.2-01-06

  2. I have published one article last year in IRED Conference and i am satisfied with their publishing articles and archiving in SEEK Digital Library.