28 January 2014

Fake Conferences and Fake Books from WORLD SCIENTIFIC www.worldscientific.com

World Scientific in Singapore use to publish the Proceedings of Suspicius Conferences. World Scientific does not organize conferences itself, but print out and circulates the Proceedings of hundred of low quality, predatory and fake conferences
World Scientific and its satellite Imperial College Press
a) Never makes Review to the Conferences that publishes

b) Never evalautes the Conferences Proceedings that publishes

c) Never examines the organizers records in ISI, SCOPUS or even in Scholar.Google

d) Promises automatic inclusion of the Proceedings to ISI, SCOPUS and DBLP

e) It is a commercial company with one Target:  The Profit

f) WORLD SCIENTIFIC, this Singaporean Bogus Commercial Company sends bulk unsolicited email every day to scholars. Like this (is it 
WORLD SCIENTIFIC a scientific organization or a commercial company targeting to your pockets?)

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