28 January 2014

Assoc Prof Chen Chun-Hsien: I also agree that Jeffrey Beall is a crook.

We have found this: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:77I9x3nuTx8J:iaria-highsci.blogspot.com/2012_12_01_archive.html+&cd=2&hl=it&ct=clnk

(Assoc) Prof Chen Chun-Hsien commented for the extortionate Jeffrey Beall's List. For those that they do not know there is a person Jeffrey Beall that makes money hijacking any publisher and any publishing house asking them money (10000 dollars is the tariff) for not including them in his "black list". As you can find by Google there exist many protests that Jeffrey Beall is a real crook. An anonymous commentor in our blog wrote in Sept. 14 2012.

Jeffrey Beall is a real crook. He uses to send emails to publishing companies and to various organizations telling them that he will put them on his blacklist if they do not pay to him a tariff. Beall asked me 10000 dollars to erase my publishing company from his ridiculous black list. He is a thief. Jeffrey Beal is a real racketeer and a unique extortioner.

Jeffrey Beall's career is a big scandal itself. Jeffrey Beall' name emits stench and stink. He was for 20 years a clerk, a librarian and after that his "university" nominated him as ... Professor. Jeffrey Beall is a professional scammer because he makes money by "shaking down" various publishers.

In the beginning we did not pay attention, but today, we received a second comment confirming that Jeffrey Beall is really a crook and swindler of the worst kind.

This was the new comment. See also here ...

by Assoc Prof Chen Chun-Hsien
I also agree that Jeffrey Beall is a crook. He asked from Cambridge Scholar Publisher the amount of 10000 dollars. Cambridge Scholar Publisher paid to Jeffrey Beall 10000 dollars and the saved their name from Beall's list.

My name is Chun-Hsien Chen, I am Assoc.Professor in the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. IAENG fake conferences' organizers have just added my name in their committee of the apparently fake "IAENG 2013 ICAIA Conference" ...without my knowledge. I conclude that IAENG conferences are quite junk, fake, bogus and ... trush. I strongly recommend my students as well as any scholar not to publish with IAENG.

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