06 June 2011

People from MIT report many Fake IEEE Conferences (i.e. IEEE conferences with 0 review and some SCIgen papers)

People from MIT report many Fake IEEE Conferences (i.e. IEEE conferences with 0 review and some SCIgen papers)

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what is
SCIgen papers
or equivalently
IEEE Criminals
IEEE Crime
or IEEE Bogus Conference


  1. Papageorgiou J.K.16 June 2011 at 05:35

    A New Fake, Junk, Bogus Conference of IASTED is going to be held in Crete, greece. The congressman Mr. Pericles Bourkas did not check any paper and any abstract and gave acceptance to any junk paper in IASTED volume.
    Impressive, but true!

    As you know Greece and greek Goverment did not recognize state MACEDONIA. Several Colleagues asked Prof. Bourkas how in a 50-papers IASTED conference inside Greece, you can have 2 papers
    from MACEDONIA and advertize the program on your site. Bourkas told that I did not check the Proceedings at all so "I am innocent". Means that from Greek national point of view this guy is innocent. But what about from the scientific point of view. Is he innocent? He had to check the quality of 50 papers. He confessed that he did not read any paper.
    This email was sent to Prof. Papageorgiou from another non-greek professor working in Greece.
    It is a real email and has been published in several blogs in Greece.

    If Professor Bourkas had checked at least the abstracts of the papers, then he would have understood that 2 papers came from a Country that Greece refuses until now his existence.

    So, Bourkas claimed that he did not read anything!

    This is the email

    Dear Mr. Papageorgiou

    I wonder how a scientific conference organized by a Professor of the Technical Univ. of Athens with several greek Professors
    in the committee did not see in a program of 50 scientific articles 2 papers from "MACEDONIA"

    Finally, is there any control in this conference?
    What is the role of a Professor of Technical University of Athens as Chairman?
    Is decorative?
    Was this IASTED conference a conference with reviewers or not?
    They have several professors from Greece in the program committee; if they do not check the countries of the authors,
    do they check the scientific quality of the papers?
    What is the Responsibility of Prof. Bourkas?








  2. ANNA WORLD '11 - The 2011 World Congress & Expo in Chennai, India, accepted a fake paper. See http://annaworld.000space.com/ for further information.

  3. Hello,

    If you didn't know already, WORLDCOMP is the world's biggest fake conference (ie., bogus conference) in computer science : http://copy-shake-paste.blogspot.com/2012/02/fake-conference-worldcomp.html . The next WORLDCOMP, the 2012 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing (consists of more than twenty different conferences), July 16-19, 2012, USA, is organized by Prof. Hamid Arabnia from the University of Georgia, USA. He has been running this fake conference business (registration fee collection is the primary goal) for over a decade by accepting almost all submitted papers without any review.

    If the previous link didn't work for any reason, please visit http://sites.google.com/site/worlddump1 .

    A very brief version of FCS'11 (it is part of WORLDCOMP) is at http://compilers.iecc.com/comparch/article/11-01-119 . This link has also information about telephone threats to the person who investigated and revealed the fakeness of WORLDCOMP.

  4. The Conferences are not graded by the blogs, but by INDICES. So, good conferences are those that participate in famous INDICS like EI Compendex, SCOPUS, ISI, ACM, Elsevier and the like.

  5. IASTED conferences are really fake. I was in an IASTED conference in Cancun, Australia , 10 years ago. Not only Proceedings, but also Coffee-breaks, dinner were grimy. IASTED conferences is a fraud.

  6. I found this paper in Springer Verlag:
    You can download the full paper from this link:

    As you can check the IEEE Data Base (IEEEXplore) contains at the moment more than 85 crappy papers (coputer generated garbage).

    Before that, IEEE had removed 157 (one hundred and fifty seven — no 1 or 2) conference proceedings from its IEEEXplore repository as fake and bogus. Many people paid the registration fees (700 or 800 USD) to have their papers published in IEEE Xplore. They had published them for a while and then IEEE deleted these fake conferences proceedings.
    Check it: